Borden Steady Foot Extreme is a replacement foot for factory foot on Long Lenses to help better support teh long lens and dampen vibration for crisper shots.  We are currently producing the Borden Steady Foot Extreme for teh Nikon 600 f4 VR lens.

Large lenses such as the Nikon 400 f2.8, Nikon 500 f4, Nikon 600 f4, Canon 400 f2.8, Canon 500 f4, Canon 600 f4 and Canon 800 f5.6 have a lens foot mounting system that results in significant weight and a long span being supported off a single collar. The result is that the lens is very sensitive to developing vibrations in the wind, being touched or from operation of the shutter. The “Borden Steady Foot Extreme” has been developed to provide a lightweight, low profile replacement foot that provides two supports to the long lens body. This reduces overhung weight and reduces vibration. A replacement foot for the Nikon 600 f4 is now available. The low profile design allows the lens and camera center of gravity to remain low and provides for shallower swing arc on the Gimbal mounting systems. The Nikon 600 replacement foot with support bracket and wheels weighs 3.8 ounces. The original Nikon 600 foot weighs xxxxxxx. The replacement foot has two dovetails-one on the bottom of the rail to be used to mount to Acra Swiss Style clamps such as those on the Wimberley Gimbal. The top dovetail is for use with accessories such as flash bracket clamps. The unit is thicker than most aftermarket replacement feet in order to provide rigidity to the support system.


Retail price is $189.95

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Professional Photographer Mark Picard has tested the Nikon 600 f4 Borden Steady Foot Extreme (in fact, Mark named the product). Here is what Mark has to say:

Having used my Borden Steady Foot Extreme on my Nikon 600mm VR lens for a couple of weeks now, I can tell you that I have noticed a significant improvement in the steadiness and lack of vibration of this product in comparison to the stock Nikon foot or any of the aftermarket replacement foots I had previously owned. It certainly is a major improvement especially viewing the differences when viewed in “live view” mode of the camera for comparison.

This foot is also a perfectly machined piece of quality craftsmanship, treated to an anodized satin black finish. The foot also serves as a good carrying handle when transporting the lens from your pack to the tripod. Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend, as I have already started to do!

Sincerely, Mark Picard