Recent Outings


Maine North Woods August 2015

Moose, Loon, and scenic images in Maine North Woods August 2015. Bull Moose in velvet in morning mist as well as Bull Moose in velvet in pleasing Golden Light

Birding Gettysburg March 6-7 2015

photographs of Red Headed Woodpeckers, Northern Flicker, Pileated Woodpeckers, Red Bellied Woodpeckers and Short eared owls with a Northern harrier fighting for vole.

Nubble Lighthouse at Christmas and a Snowy Owl

Images of Nubble Lighthouse with a beautiful sunrise as well as Christmas Lights on the Lighthouse after dark. We saw a beautiful snowy owl on same trip and have shared a couple of images here.

Northeast Pa Bald Eagles

Immature and Mature Bald Eagle photographs from Lake Carey, Lymanville and Lackawaxen PA by Jim Borden

2014 Canadian Pacific Holiday Train on Tunkhannock Viaduct

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train on Tunkhannock Viaduct (Nicholson Bridge)

Birding March 2014

Photographs of Birds taken first week of March 2014

Snowy Owl-December 2013

Images of Female Snowy Owl in upstate New York

Bald Eagle Action

Images of Bald Eagles Flying and Fishing along the Delaware River

November 9 2013 bald Eagles

Images of Bald Eagles along Delaware River and hawk and Great Blue Heron at Liberty Marsh

Pa Elk Trip September 2013

Pennsylvania elk during the rut.

July 2013 Maine

Beach and woods time in Maine in July 2013 with grand daughter Ashtyn

Moosing Maine June 2013

Moose, lighthouse and scenic photos from Maine trip June 2013

Pine Creek and Pa Grand Canyon May 2013

Kayaking, birding the Pa Grand Canyon

Immature Great Horned Owls

Images of immature Great Horned Owl

Birding April 28 2013

Backyard birds and eaglets

Backyard Birds and Middle Creek March 2013

Photos of cardinals, sparrows, woodpeckers, titmouse, chickadee, junco, tundra swans, harriers, snow geese, short ear owl, great blue heron

Boreal Owl and Gray Partridge

Images of Boreal owl and one of four Gray partridge seen in Ontario Canada on 3/4/2013

Great Gray Owls

Great Gray Owls in Ontario Canada

Raptors weekend December 29 2012

Bald Eagles and Owl in and around Delaware Valley

Screech Owl and Backyard Birds

eastern Screech Owl and backyard birds seen December 15, 2012

Bald eagles, Hawks and a Duck

Bald eagles and Hawks spotted at Liberty Marsh and Zane Grey Boat Launch November 24 2012

Birds and Deer

Birds and deer before, during and after "Sandy"

Maine October 2012

Maine Foliage and wildlife October 2012

Early September in Maine

Went to Maine for a few days in early September to try to get some big bull moose just prior to rut. We did not see any big bulls but saw a number of cows and calves plus lots of waterfowl. Great time with friends.

End of Summer Whitetails

Whitetail deer at end of summer. Antlers getting ready to be rubbed and coats changing from summer to winter

Pine Creek Valley June 2012

Birding in Pine Creek valley

Pine Creek Valley May 2012

Birding and kayaking in Pine Creek valley may 2012


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